Roll Call

These two words do stir in us the sweet memories of childhood – the good old school days (Forget about those excitement filled college days when these two words were not at all existent 😉 ) School, a place where we started to know about the world around us, a place we started to grow as a human, a place where we learnt to dream and to share our dreams. But even in this tender age too, these words meant and still does mean different thing to some. To them roll call takes the form of the call of the hotel owner, or of the strolling customer in the street, or of the yell of the incapable (sometimes unwilling) yet  compelling father for going to work. They can see other mates of their age going to school but themselves can’t do so. Yes that’s the socio-economic structure we are all accustomed with.

Now with the RTE Act coming into force , the scenario is expected to change but the kind of infrastructure that is present in some states, it will be very difficult to achieve this end. For that we need to play our part as well. As a techie, I have tried to play my part in the past and is willing to play it at present and in future as well. This time let every one of them be present in the classroom and respond to MASTERJI.



The power of SONG…

“We shall overcome… We shall overcome… We shall overcome someday”

These are the words which are part of my life since the childhood days. A song that is motivating us through ages and generations. And there is no reward for guessing whose song it is… 🙂

Yes I’m saying about legendary American activist Pete Seegar.

Perhaps no single person in the 20th century has done more to preserve, broadcast, and re-distribute folk music than Pete Seeger, whose passion for politics, the environment, and humanity have earned him p16815y9665both ardent fans and vocal enemies since he first began performing in the late ’30s. His never-ending battle against injustice led to his being blacklisted during the McCarthy era, celebrated during the turbulent ’60s, and welcomed at union rallies throughout his life. His tireless efforts regarding global concerns such as environmentalism, population growth, and racial equality have earned him the respect and friendship of such political heroes as Martin Luther King, Jr., Woody Guthrie, and Cesar Chavez, and the generations of children who first learned to sing and clap to Seeger’s Folkways recordings must number in the millions. Rising above all of Seeger’s political ideals and his passion for authentic folk music is his clear voice and chiming banjo which both sing out with a clarity that rings true.

His ceaseless passion for reaching the hearts and minds of those who will listen is summed up by the inscription on his banjo which reads “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.”

Now the life of this great soul has been made in51dSVMR97JL._SS500_to a film named, Pete Seeger: The Power of Song . Released in 2007 this reflective documentary explores the legacy of  Seeger – written and directed by filmmaker Jim Brown when Seeger was in his late ’80s. In lieu of recounting the narrative of Seeger’s life note-for-note, however, Brown uses that individual biography as a contextual lens, through which he recounts decades of American social history. To tell his story, the filmmaker interpolates original, exclusive interviews with such Seeger contemporaries as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, archival footage of Seeger in concert, and extracts from Seeger’s private home movies. In the process, Brown unveils the extent to which Seeger continually prompted societal change through his consciousness-raising music and offstage social efforts. I’m giving here a trailer of the documentary :

Pete Seegar : The Hero Explored

The film is a good one… A testimonial of the fact that Seeger’s music does not force hate to surrender with muscle or intimidation, but with Seeger’s simple honesty and pure-hearted clarity which has truly changed the course of history during the 60-plus years that he has been performing.

I’m ready to surrender myself to such Power of Song again and again 🙂


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A nice one…

We behave in a particular way with regards to certain things and situations. These things come quite naturally from within us. In such situations we are unaware of our acts but if we observe them the thing that automatically comes is a sweet smile in our lips… this video is a glimpse of such acts of ours….

It’s a nice video. It’s actually a promotional video from TRUEROOTS .


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… have placed my eyes

During the course of our life,
we give birth to many dreams… some of them go away, some are chased throughout… some dreams give rise to others… we nurture some… we discard some…. we try to make the dreams of others come true… we strangle some of our dreams… we shatter others’ dreams.

But still we dream… but still they dream…

“SWAPNO DEKHBO BOLE”, a nice song and equally a nice video. Surely one of my favourites.

Here is the translated lyrics of the song (Thanx to: Big Bang Bong)…

I’ve heard…that day, you went to touch the blue horizon

riding the waves

I’ve heard…that day, you walked alongside the salty shoreline

for miles after miles

I’ve never went to sea

never glided on blues

never glanced at the wings of a seagull

Next time, when you’ll go to the sea

will you take me along?

Will you?

I’ve heard…that day you, you and you

in an ensemble, discussed many complex conundrums

and unspoken words

Why this eternal rat-race?

Why endless series of monologues?

Living on, this self centred life

if there is no love

only empty loneliness

Where can I get a dollop of peace?

Where can I?

I’ve heard…that you still get dreams

still write stories

chant music from bottom of your soul

Saga of human existence

still makes you think

Your love blossom like a rose

Today I am here at your doorstep

with this faithless soul, open arms

and bending knees…

Only emptiness in deep of my eyes,

there are no dreams in my nights

To dream I opened my eyes

to dream I opened my arms

towards you…




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