The unfinished wife

the unfinished wife

She waits
Besides the door…
Hoping to see a
Familiar shadow
Over that bend
Of the village path.

He is still to return.
But armed men,
The Law
Pays unwanted
As often as they can.

Downcast eyes
Wait for the shadow
Wait for man,
The embrace
The peace
With him being in the house.

His shirt hangs
In the corner…
His part of the bed still untouched.

They say,
"He is there
In the woods,
Fighting against
The "law".

She understands
He is walking
In a sinned path…

She knows he will
suffer, or
Perhaps even die…

The eyes still wander
Over the bend
Of the empty
Village path…
The yearning eyes
Of the unfinished wife…

Words by: Wanderer


[ This post was written in association with  Wanderer , a blogger-friend of mine. The picture has a story of its own. I shot it on the last Mahalaya. One of my friends ridiculed  it saying,

arre ektu moisturizer laga
(Do apply some moisturizer on it buddy). 

But her comment really showed the other way of looking into the picture. It looked oxymoronic to me. In one hand several cracks have occurred on the figurine. On the other hand the beautiful smile is still existent on her lips. The figurine reminded me of a lady who is torn at the hands of time but still maintains the smile of hope.

Having thought that, I could relate her with a section of women in our modern society – a terrorist’s wife. Yes, she’s the one whose tale is never thought or spoken of. In  today’s society where relations are born and broken in just 12 seconds, she in spite of  knowing his husband’s doings waits for his return being shattered from within. So I thought of writing about it but my emotions and feelings were unable to find their true expressions. So I thought to hand over the subject to a friend of mine and asked her to write a beautiful and solemn tale of the lives of these women. Thus the above poetry was born at the able hands of Wanderer.]



P.S. : I don’t have any reservation about any of the existing political forums. The post was written solely on Humanitarian grounds…


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Roll Call

These two words do stir in us the sweet memories of childhood – the good old school days (Forget about those excitement filled college days when these two words were not at all existent 😉 ) School, a place where we started to know about the world around us, a place we started to grow as a human, a place where we learnt to dream and to share our dreams. But even in this tender age too, these words meant and still does mean different thing to some. To them roll call takes the form of the call of the hotel owner, or of the strolling customer in the street, or of the yell of the incapable (sometimes unwilling) yet  compelling father for going to work. They can see other mates of their age going to school but themselves can’t do so. Yes that’s the socio-economic structure we are all accustomed with.

Now with the RTE Act coming into force , the scenario is expected to change but the kind of infrastructure that is present in some states, it will be very difficult to achieve this end. For that we need to play our part as well. As a techie, I have tried to play my part in the past and is willing to play it at present and in future as well. This time let every one of them be present in the classroom and respond to MASTERJI.


Hail hypocrite!!!

Recently I’ve received a mail whose subject read as :


I guess many of you have received it from your near and dear ones. The email was really very touching. It reminds me of the essence of one of Thomas Hardy’s poems I read in my childhood days. It tells…

One should not complaint about the things he/she has coz there are people around us who don’t posses the tiniest bit. Their conditions are far worse than ours… Enjoy life how it is and as it comes…

Though I received the mail from many of my friends and acquaintances but the name of one of the senders has really shocked me. The content of the email will touch any sensitive person’s heart and he/she will at once circulate it as it is written in the last few lines. But can I have the privilege to analyse the term “sensitive person”? A sensitive person is one who will try to understand or will actually understand others’ feelings when he/she expects that from others. But incidentally I felt it very strange and shocking that one of my senders don’t belong to this category of Samaritans. The person I’m talking about is one of my acquaintances (the person got demoted from friend’s post I guess…) who claim himself/herself as sensitive and care for others’ feelings.

Sorry dear you really don’t do so… So I don’t expect such a sensitive mail from you.

I don’t care about such backstabbing insensitivity. But can I guess why is this hypocrisy? It’s not the case with that person. It’s about those who wears the mask of a sensitive person (and sometimes friends) but in reality takes an about turn when sensitivity is expected from them. It’s always easier said than done. I guess the email has touched that person’s heart too… it’s quite natural. But when it matters the most the sensitiveness disappears. Can I ask why? I think they taste joy in this practice or it is a ploy to establish themselves as caring… It might also be  the case of immaturity… Another reason could be they are unable to figure out this side of their character… I don’t know.

I may be sounding sentimental… but the fact is that I’m not. I just want to know the reason why people claim themselves as one but act the other way (one can easily end this by saying it’s the human nature my friend…). And this is my blog and I’ve the right to question… So until I figure the real cause out let’s say…

(yes you guessed it right!!!)


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“…How will you do that?”

There’s a professor in our department who used to teach us microprocessor. At the end of each topic he used to give a problem and would invariably ask,

“…How will you do that?” (forgot his lessons but could remember this words 😛 )

Recently, I observed something which reminded me of the words. No, it has nothing to do with our beloved professor or microprocessor. Two days back I was surfing through the 100 odd channels in the TV. Suddenly, I stumbled upon DD News. It was showing the sea. Being attracted by the scene I stopped by the channel. But afterwards what I found was really pathetic. The report was about the never-say-die followers of the sea, the fishermen. The festive days are knocking at the door. Come next weekend and our enjoyment will see no bound and undoubtedly eating to our heart’s content during these days will be a major activity and quite naturally fish delicacies will be a part of that. But unfortunately, the people who are providing us with the fishes really find it hard to maintain a livelihood. The report showed the terrible plight of the fishermen.

To meet the demand of the market and to earn a living they had to leave for the sea in the darkness of the night with the hope of getting a good catch. Once they would go sailing for 4-5 days and return with a good yield that could fetch them a good price. But times have changed and their conditions have declined greatly due to several factors. Firstly, there is the rapid depletion of fishes due to industrial pollution and violation of coastal zonal regulations. As a result the fishes do not come to the shallow waters that affect their catch.

Adding to their woos are the mechanized fishing trawlers operating with valid  licences under the country’s Deep Sea Fishing Policy (DSFP). Though there are regulations that prohibit the mechanized boats plying upto 8 kms from the coastline, the fishermen from Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh say they face continuous risk from the trawlers that injuriously topple their boats or drag their nets. Overfishing is a countrywide phenomenon that the traditional fishermen’s society from from Gujarat to West Bengal are agitating. Despite the government prohibiting fishing during the monsoon period the trawlers carry on fishing destroying the eggs.

Apart from that the price of diesel is increasing every year pushing up the cost of going out to the sea. The cost of a 4-day long expedition turns out to be more than anything one makes on the fishing market.

All these negative factors have resulted in a steep decline in the income of the traditional fishermen. On a good day they may earn about Rs.100, generally less. There are circumstances when they cannot go to the sea. But in spite of that they risk their lives and in several situations end up losing their lives. Most of them don’t even have insurance policies, leaving their families with no source of income. Hunger and starvation are the regular visitors to their household.  The people who are providing with nutritious elements are suffering from malnutrition. One Karseri Narayan Chavanker says,

“ The government recently announced a $15 billion package to the agricultural industry in response to a spate of suicides by farmers who were unable to pay off the bank loans. Our situation is no different from that of the farmers.”

Though the state governments of West Bengal and Kerala have taken good measures to uplift their conditions, the fishermen from other states are really in deplorable conditions.  It seems that the circular flow of income does follow their paths.  The Indian government has promoted the deep sea activities for foreign exchange earnings, also there are coastal industrial corridors, sand-mining industries coming up but the plight of these poor traditional fishermen seemed to have been forgotten.

On watching the report I was really feeling bad and thinking that there should a solution for their miseries when suddenly I felt those words…

“…how will you do that?”

Really these words are finding its true significance. These are the words which the governments should ask themselves in order to find solution for the upliftment of the fishermen when George, Chavanker, Ali Dasu and many of their fishermen brothers in search of their income and food for their starving children ask to themselves,


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Vande Mataram!

And almost simultaneously a stone being hurled at the front screen of a state bus. Being unsuccessful the man took a plastic road divider and strike the glass screen again, this time being successful. At the background the same words are being enchanted…. “Vandemataram!… Vandemataram!”

No this is not the age old scene of a period drama with the backdrop of British India. This is what every Calcuttan is witnessing for the past two days. Though we are accustomed with such political vandalism but the scenario is almost intolerable this time. And this time the vandals belong to the national ruling party, the Congress (sorry no reward for guessing!). Day by day the political scenario of West Bengal is going from bad to worse. And moreover the political leaders are still engaged in their favourite game, the WAR OF WORDS.

The root of the drama took place 2 days back in which a few Congress MLA’s were very badly beaten up by CPM goons. Though the incident is truly condemnable but what started  from the next day was just intolerable. Vandals (do take it by the literal sense of the term) from the various branches of Congress shown up at various places in and around the city, set up road blockades, damaged buses, set them fire chocking the whole city life. Even a 12-hour BANDH was declared by the Congress for the next day.

Then came the BANDH day in which from the very beginning the same section of people were on the rampage. Many public offices , post offices were massacred. Those bloody hoodlums (pardon my words but can’t tolerate any more) even burnt and damaged the few State Buses which were on the road. Though the decision of not running the State Buses on this particular Bandh Day was a bit surprising but I do support the decision. Can any partyman tell me how long will this political vandalism continue in the name of protest? For how long will the Governmental properties be destroyed in this manner in the name of political outrage. And the party leaders are saying that these are nothing but the frustrations vented out by the common people. BULL SHIT!

The most shocking of these activities is that when these bloody vandals are carrying out their rampaging acts they are constantly shouting the phrase “VANDE MATARM” [English translation: Bow to thee, Mother(land)]. Really what an irony. Is this the way they pay their homage to motherland. I don’t know. Do they really know what the phrase actually mean.


See I’m not saying which party is right and which one is wrong but as a common man I cannot tolerate this any more. Because in these political wrong doings it’s WE the common people who suffer. I cannot tolerate these acts of irrationality and unethics by these vandals who are just being toyed upon by some F***ing bustards.

*** If you didn’t like my words here is a an article in the Times of India that explains the harms caused by burning of buses:



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