At last something from the two worlds…

[sorry Bigyan for using this phrase of yours 😉 ]

That’s what I would say to express my present state . This is because of a recent development. In my final semester of PG studies I have got the opportunity to work on something that relates the two domains of my study, Physics (in graduation) and Computer Science & Engineering (in post graduation). The subject is called Game Physics. It’s the subject that deals with incorporating the laws of nature in virtual reality and augmented reality environments like computer games and 3D simulation models.  Basically  this branch of study inherits from both  3D Computer Graphics and Simulation Physics.  From the very beginning of my PG studies I  have always tried to relate Physics and Computer Science but now the opportunity has come and I guess I will try hard to come out with good results.


Just wanna be like them…

From the statistics of my blog posts I’ve found that many of the traffic are due to the search for the Vodafone Zoozoos. So I thought why not upload some Zoozoo wallpapers so that people get profited from their visits. At the same time  I would like to admit that like many others I’ve become a huge fan of the Zoozoos. Really they are celebrities in their own way (at least  they are far from the rape charges and  scandals!). The innocence of the zozoos is the real envious trait in them. It would have been really great if we can preserve the same innocence in us. But again not everyone is privileged like the zoozoos. So here is a picture collection of my newly found obsessions, the ZOOZOOs…

2917_73915614817_73855584817_1744880_1107481_n 2917_73915619817_73855584817_1744881_3563657_n

2917_73915624817_73855584817_1744882_2702296_n 4286_78862654817_73855584817_1821401_3615875_n

4286_79344954817_73855584817_1824273_726623_n 4286_79722384817_73855584817_1827763_4787009_n

4489_88863389817_73855584817_1962183_3843399_n 4705_90646874817_73855584817_1992762_2126430_n

4705_90646879817_73855584817_1992763_6098792_n 5136_92753904817_73855584817_2024612_5541373_n

Lastly a small wish on my part. Kaassh, I were a zoozoo…


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… have placed my eyes

During the course of our life,
we give birth to many dreams… some of them go away, some are chased throughout… some dreams give rise to others… we nurture some… we discard some…. we try to make the dreams of others come true… we strangle some of our dreams… we shatter others’ dreams.

But still we dream… but still they dream…

“SWAPNO DEKHBO BOLE”, a nice song and equally a nice video. Surely one of my favourites.

Here is the translated lyrics of the song (Thanx to: Big Bang Bong)…

I’ve heard…that day, you went to touch the blue horizon

riding the waves

I’ve heard…that day, you walked alongside the salty shoreline

for miles after miles

I’ve never went to sea

never glided on blues

never glanced at the wings of a seagull

Next time, when you’ll go to the sea

will you take me along?

Will you?

I’ve heard…that day you, you and you

in an ensemble, discussed many complex conundrums

and unspoken words

Why this eternal rat-race?

Why endless series of monologues?

Living on, this self centred life

if there is no love

only empty loneliness

Where can I get a dollop of peace?

Where can I?

I’ve heard…that you still get dreams

still write stories

chant music from bottom of your soul

Saga of human existence

still makes you think

Your love blossom like a rose

Today I am here at your doorstep

with this faithless soul, open arms

and bending knees…

Only emptiness in deep of my eyes,

there are no dreams in my nights

To dream I opened my eyes

to dream I opened my arms

towards you…




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Evabeo Phire Asha Jai…. !

Today, from the morning my mood was not at all well…. I didn’t feel the urge to go to the University even. Finding nothing to do, I sat at my computer to have some chat with my friends but unfortunately I could find none of them online. Suddenly a thought came to me (may be, it was always with me for the last few days) . I opened the photoshop and started drawing the picture. Ultimately it was finished by the afternoon. By the time it was finished it has become one of my favourite creations in recent times…..

It says, “…. One can return like this as well”