22:59 p.m.

Tere paas hi main aa raha hoon,
Apni baahein khol de.
Zor se mujhko gaale laga le,
Mujhko phir woh pyar de….

Hope you are fine… I know you are 🙂


A long hiatus

Really it’s one… more than over a year I haven’t written anything down. It’s not that I have never felt treading on my beloved Random Paths. But even though I wanted I couldn’t. I wanted to write down what I felt but words eluded me. May be they have left me. Or I have lost them. But may be the time has come to find them. For the last one year I’m utterly scattered and with time has obliterated. Professionally I’ve excelled but that didn’t give my life the impetus. I don’t know what to do now. All the distant dreams are blurred. Even now I’m blabbering over the keyboard. I need to regain myself. But I don’t know how. But it has to be me who should find the answer…

02:13 p.m.

After a long time feeling the urge to write something. Feeling very happy and contented 🙂 This is not because I’ve achieved something but because of the fact I’ve helped someone realise her dream. Really feeling happy for her. It feels nice when you achieve your dream but  today I felt happiness of a different level when I found that her dream is getting its shape.  May God bless her. I wish her all the success for her first book that’s going to be released next month. I know she’s feeling the joy, excitement and the goose bumps. Even I’m feeling the same. After all it’s the first time I’ve designed the cover of a book.

0:03 a.m.

I kept staring at it for the whole day. Nothing happened. At one time I left it alone hoping that it might come up with some miracle. But nothing happened in reality…

I guess I’m watching the same old story. May be I was wrong yet again. Or I’ve committed something wrong.  But what wrong? I guess there’s nothing wrong in expecting something. But yes it is wrong if you don’t know the rules of the game…