Musings of a Wanderer


This is a book which is very close to my heart. Not only it is the first book of a very close friend but also this is the book for which I have lent my hand as a cover designer for the first time 🙂 . I wish her all the success for her first book.

The book is a collection of poems – poems that speak of expressions of living moments and of those that are perhaps never to see the light of the day. You will find monsoon peeping, you will find, romance lingering and as a sense of determination that ebbs inside a young mind. Here you get to meet and forget people, you get to run through darkness and regal in the glory of refreshing sun rays. 

The book is available from Flipkart :


The Alchemist

Yesterday, I finished reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist . The story is really gripping and at the same time very sweet. It’s the story of a little shepherd who embarks on his journey to fulfill his dream. Surely it has become one of my favorites.


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