A long hiatus

Really it’s one… more than over a year I haven’t written anything down. It’s not that I have never felt treading on my beloved Random Paths. But even though I wanted I couldn’t. I wanted to write down what I felt but words eluded me. May be they have left me. Or I have lost them. But may be the time has come to find them. For the last one year I’m utterly scattered and with time has obliterated. Professionally I’ve excelled but that didn’t give my life the impetus. I don’t know what to do now. All the distant dreams are blurred. Even now I’m blabbering over the keyboard. I need to regain myself. But I don’t know how. But it has to be me who should find the answer…


4 thoughts on “A long hiatus

  1. Keep on scribbling, let the words find you. Just keep on writing without being bothered what would come, and whether they would be perfect or not, just keep on scribbling

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