A sweet little gift

rain1Aj notun kore bristir songay   
Alaap korbar ichcha holo.
Tar gumro mukho megheder dekhe
Purono alaaper kotha mone poregelo.
Matir trishnarto deho dekhe
Notun patar jonmabar avash peye
Jibon k abar chinte ichcha korlo.  
Du hath bariye tader sporsho korte chailam 
Alpo hese miliye gelo tara. 
R dure kothao, sona gelo,  
Hajar nupurer shobdo.

[Words : Shreya]


5 thoughts on “A sweet little gift

  1. This always feels heavenly. Thank you Aritra and of course thank you “Douja”.

    I can still connect myself to the day I wrote this one, to the situation, to the feeling…


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