Roll Call

These two words do stir in us the sweet memories of childhood – the good old school days (Forget about those excitement filled college days when these two words were not at all existent 😉 ) School, a place where we started to know about the world around us, a place we started to grow as a human, a place where we learnt to dream and to share our dreams. But even in this tender age too, these words meant and still does mean different thing to some. To them roll call takes the form of the call of the hotel owner, or of the strolling customer in the street, or of the yell of the incapable (sometimes unwilling) yet  compelling father for going to work. They can see other mates of their age going to school but themselves can’t do so. Yes that’s the socio-economic structure we are all accustomed with.

Now with the RTE Act coming into force , the scenario is expected to change but the kind of infrastructure that is present in some states, it will be very difficult to achieve this end. For that we need to play our part as well. As a techie, I have tried to play my part in the past and is willing to play it at present and in future as well. This time let every one of them be present in the classroom and respond to MASTERJI.



3 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. First of all, eta thik holo na. This is a difficult post. Because, for the pass 20 minutes, I am finding it difficult to write a poem on it!

    oboshyo kobita likhtei hobe tar kono mane nei!
    dharao bhabchi…ki likhi!


    • Ha ha ha…
      Seki tomar pokhe difficult hoche eta to vabtei parchi na… 😉
      r kobita jodi nao ashe tahole ektu critical analysis to choltei pare tai noi ki?

  2. HMMMM.

    mone pore ajo,
    diner surute
    roll call.

    koto chena
    sure uttor…
    koto chena
    muker hansi…

    ajo mone pore
    haraye ni kichui,
    kichu name sudhu
    sei khatao ki ache

    didimonir table er opore
    sei ghor…
    sei schooler gate…

    r sei schooler pass e
    gate er mukhe
    dariye thaka
    kichu oshohaye mukh
    jader name
    roll call er khatay lekha
    chilona, chilona karon
    tader gater
    epare ashar sujog chilona

    mone pore ajo
    sei roll call,
    kichu chena name
    ja khatay chilo
    r kichu chena mukh
    ja borabar baire


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