A weird fantasy

The time was 7:30 in the evening. I along with Anindit and Avik was standing at the Science City bus stop. We were returning from Kolkata Book Fair. Suddenly, Anindit asked, “Tell me your weirdest (not wildest) of fantasies”. Hearing that our mind travelled far and wide thinking about what could be the one. In fact we tried to fabricate the weirdest of the ideas but none of us could find one. Suddenly, I remembered something which I had thought about a year ago. In fact I had completely forgotten about that. I don’t know how and why it reappeared.

I said, “I don’t know whether it’s weird or not but I think it may be my candidate. It goes like this….

… Suppose our world is transformed into one where everybody will still fall in love, spend their life with their companion… will live and die for each other but once a relation (of love)  comes to an end the two persons concerned (automatically) lose all the memories of their relationship…. everything – from the most cherished ones to the most painful of them. It would be a really different experience to be a part of that world.

Hearing that, Anindit just said, “Really weird!”

I just smiled 🙂


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8 thoughts on “A weird fantasy

  1. Hey, i wont say its wierd.. coz fatasies are just fantasies.. they shudn’t have boundaries.. EVen i think along similar lines as far as ur fantasy is concerned. To add to that it cud hav been betr to be inb the world whr v cud erase from memories wotever v wish to… just like computers v cud hv had 2 options…
    1>send to recycle bin

    how wud that be??

    • In that case much of the fun will fizz out. See in my case I didn’t want the memories to be voluntarily lost. They just disappear automatically 🙂

      If we voluntarily remove them there will be a tendency of not falling in love with the same person. But in my case there are chances that you fall in love with the same person again.

  2. In my point of view,we can’t force ourself to just press shift+delete, but time will just do the thing. But probably there is a tendency in our unconscious/subconscious mind to fall in love again with that person, and to regain him/her. But the conflict remains.

  3. aritra da accidentally stumbled upon this pos t of your s had a question is nt this life offers us in general is nt this what moving on in life s all about

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