Hail hypocrite!!!

Recently I’ve received a mail whose subject read as :


I guess many of you have received it from your near and dear ones. The email was really very touching. It reminds me of the essence of one of Thomas Hardy’s poems I read in my childhood days. It tells…

One should not complaint about the things he/she has coz there are people around us who don’t posses the tiniest bit. Their conditions are far worse than ours… Enjoy life how it is and as it comes…

Though I received the mail from many of my friends and acquaintances but the name of one of the senders has really shocked me. The content of the email will touch any sensitive person’s heart and he/she will at once circulate it as it is written in the last few lines. But can I have the privilege to analyse the term “sensitive person”? A sensitive person is one who will try to understand or will actually understand others’ feelings when he/she expects that from others. But incidentally I felt it very strange and shocking that one of my senders don’t belong to this category of Samaritans. The person I’m talking about is one of my acquaintances (the person got demoted from friend’s post I guess…) who claim himself/herself as sensitive and care for others’ feelings.

Sorry dear you really don’t do so… So I don’t expect such a sensitive mail from you.

I don’t care about such backstabbing insensitivity. But can I guess why is this hypocrisy? It’s not the case with that person. It’s about those who wears the mask of a sensitive person (and sometimes friends) but in reality takes an about turn when sensitivity is expected from them. It’s always easier said than done. I guess the email has touched that person’s heart too… it’s quite natural. But when it matters the most the sensitiveness disappears. Can I ask why? I think they taste joy in this practice or it is a ploy to establish themselves as caring… It might also be  the case of immaturity… Another reason could be they are unable to figure out this side of their character… I don’t know.

I may be sounding sentimental… but the fact is that I’m not. I just want to know the reason why people claim themselves as one but act the other way (one can easily end this by saying it’s the human nature my friend…). And this is my blog and I’ve the right to question… So until I figure the real cause out let’s say…

(yes you guessed it right!!!)


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5 thoughts on “Hail hypocrite!!!

  1. You sounded so heavy throughout the post, though it’s very natural of one to express anxiety (derived out of pain) when he/she is subjected to some form of hypocrisy. As you have rightly said, hypocrisy is inherent in man but in varying intensities. But, there’s a day when the hypocrite is bound to shed his/her mask. Trust me, I experienced this in some form, as a early teenager, I did try to create a superficial image of mine, but that gave me nothing but pain & frustration. On a day of realisation, I had to fend it off. Well, all what I wanted to convey is hypocrites do change, in fact it is very natural of one to change, to feel, to rejuvenate. So your friend turned foe who forwarded a copy of that mail, might have changed, or may be he lost his mask, or may be he had met the day of realisation. Think Positive.. Pardon him… 😀

  2. Hmmm……….heavy word comes out when I gets directly to heart
    So,I would give one filmy dialouge
    100 peoples can hurt u,na 1000 peoples can make u laugh,but u must think about the 10 peoples to who you r special , whom u can provide what they r in real need of……..LOVE.

    Ahem Ahem………ektu besi hoygelo bodhai

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