5:10 a.m.

Just awoke… the clock is showing 5:10a.m. It’s raining outside. The environment is really captivating, with the rain drenched twilight reverberating with the pitter patter. The light of the monitor is blinking. Don’t know when it went to sleep. Last night really had a sound sleep after a long time. Thought of listening to some soothing music. So played the MAJHI RE from The Bong Connection. I really like the song.

The past 1 month has really been eventful, both mentally and physically. It all started with the semester exam. Though I was not at all in my confident self , yet somehow went through the papers and quite expectedly one of them was the worst given paper till now. SHE said that she was surprised to see this self of mine… I just smiled 🙂 (really I couldn’t do anything other than that!). In the mean time had a fruitful chat with Ranodeb Da. The theory papers were over and then it was time to start the MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) works. The practical exam schedule really got intertwined with the MSP sessions. Conducted my first session as an MSP on 19th. It was ok but not like what I wanted it to be. In the meantime the facebook event happened… one day I saw an update in my facebook homepage that really startled me. I checked it out. Initially it saddened me but after that I really found myself free and relieved. I have really messed up the life with that. Tirtho was right. I thank Facebook… it really helped me to get myself out of the mess… Anyways the next few sessions were really good.

But things have started going right again. Firstly it was the welcome letter from Microsoft India for becoming the MSP. Then I received the books from them. The three practical exams are also good so far. Hopefully the remaining 1 goes fine as well. Slowly but surely I’m getting my confidence back. Thank God!

Thinking of going to the roof to get drenched in the rain. I haven’t done so for many days…


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