55-word fiction

Exam is going on. So finding no time to write something. Also in the past couple of weeks I’m struggling with my confidence. I’m not that confident person which I used to be… May be there are lots of reasons for that… I’m finding words vanishing, ideas drying out… really nothing’s going right. So I’ve decided to do something… Finding short of ideas I’m borrowing an idea I got from a fellow blogger. I’m trying to write a 55-word fiction. This story is not totally my brain-child. I received this piece through mail. I decided to edit it and make a 55 Fiction out of it. But the name is given by me. I thought the name is perfect for the story and also resonant with my current state…



The child saw his father….with painful eyes he asked, “Dad when will my fingers grow back?” The man was so hurt and speechless. Devastated by his own actions he went back to the car and kicked it many times. He looked at the scratches… His son had written ‘LOVE YOU DAD’. Next day he committed suicide…



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5 thoughts on “55-word fiction

  1. Hi!

    Chanced upon your blog. A really nice style of writing you have. Inspit of the constraint of the number of words, you did bring a soul to the story that can touch hearts and make the reader think. Gees, I think I am going to cross 55 words this way.
    Anyways, ashadharon 🙂

    • Hey Ankita thanx and it’s really nice on your part that you have recommended my blog 🙂
      Anyways hope to you find your footprints on Random Paths in future as well… Valo theko

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