“going to free my head…”

That is what I used to say to my mother on the morning of every exam day. After that I used to go to my best friend’s place. Incidentally she was also my classmate and lived in my locality. The practice began when I was in the 7th. standard and it continued till the graduation days. Actually it was not a superstition… it was sort of a confidence booster for me. When I went to her house  I always found her deeply engrossed in the books but somehow we talked for 5 to 10 minutes and those few minutes really worked wonders for me. I found myself free of my fears and tensions.

Now as my post graduation exams are going on various exam related thoughts are coming every now and then but this one is really special. Now that we don’t live in the same locality any more, I don’t find the scope to go to her place and free my mind. But remembering this I really find something to smile about during this tension filled exam days….


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4 thoughts on ““going to free my head…”

  1. Thank u for recalling those days which is used to be very close to my heart…gradually the days change & also the time…but sum human being always remain the same as they r…………………….. &……I Will BE.

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