Vande Mataram!

And almost simultaneously a stone being hurled at the front screen of a state bus. Being unsuccessful the man took a plastic road divider and strike the glass screen again, this time being successful. At the background the same words are being enchanted…. “Vandemataram!… Vandemataram!”

No this is not the age old scene of a period drama with the backdrop of British India. This is what every Calcuttan is witnessing for the past two days. Though we are accustomed with such political vandalism but the scenario is almost intolerable this time. And this time the vandals belong to the national ruling party, the Congress (sorry no reward for guessing!). Day by day the political scenario of West Bengal is going from bad to worse. And moreover the political leaders are still engaged in their favourite game, the WAR OF WORDS.

The root of the drama took place 2 days back in which a few Congress MLA’s were very badly beaten up by CPM goons. Though the incident is truly condemnable but what started  from the next day was just intolerable. Vandals (do take it by the literal sense of the term) from the various branches of Congress shown up at various places in and around the city, set up road blockades, damaged buses, set them fire chocking the whole city life. Even a 12-hour BANDH was declared by the Congress for the next day.

Then came the BANDH day in which from the very beginning the same section of people were on the rampage. Many public offices , post offices were massacred. Those bloody hoodlums (pardon my words but can’t tolerate any more) even burnt and damaged the few State Buses which were on the road. Though the decision of not running the State Buses on this particular Bandh Day was a bit surprising but I do support the decision. Can any partyman tell me how long will this political vandalism continue in the name of protest? For how long will the Governmental properties be destroyed in this manner in the name of political outrage. And the party leaders are saying that these are nothing but the frustrations vented out by the common people. BULL SHIT!

The most shocking of these activities is that when these bloody vandals are carrying out their rampaging acts they are constantly shouting the phrase “VANDE MATARM” [English translation: Bow to thee, Mother(land)]. Really what an irony. Is this the way they pay their homage to motherland. I don’t know. Do they really know what the phrase actually mean.


See I’m not saying which party is right and which one is wrong but as a common man I cannot tolerate this any more. Because in these political wrong doings it’s WE the common people who suffer. I cannot tolerate these acts of irrationality and unethics by these vandals who are just being toyed upon by some F***ing bustards.

*** If you didn’t like my words here is a an article in the Times of India that explains the harms caused by burning of buses:



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