at last the mail came!

It was around 7 p.m. yesterday when I opened my GMAIL account to check the recent mails. In the inbox I found one unread mail with the label Windows Live Mail (I’ve integrated my Windows Live account with GMAIL). I checked it and to my joy and surprise the mail read…

Congratulations. You are selected as a Microsoft Student Partner!‏

India Student Partner Program (

06 July 2009 13:05PM

[content suppressed]

Once again, congratulations on being selected as an MSP, and we wish you all the best in your efforts!.

We shall send you more updates in the coming weeks.


MSP India Team

For the first few seconds I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I checked if someone has made a kind of joke. No it wasn’t so. The mail really came  from the Microsoft Student Partners India Team.

I said to myself, “So Aritra now you are an MSP from the University of Calcutta.

Nice to have that feeling. I ringed my senior and present MSP of our university. He congratulated me and said, “Welcome to the community my friend but the main thing is that you really have to carry on from here.” Really it’s a matter of respect and lots of responsibilities. From now on I really have to work very hard in order to prove my mettle.

It all started about 20 days ago when our present MSP informed me that I along  2 others have been nominated for next MSP selection. Though I’m an active member of the Microsoft Campus Unit of our university, the news came as a challenge to me. Then I underwent the preliminary selection procedures and appeared for a tele-interview from MSP India Team. After the interview I was told that they will inform us about the future standings through mail.

Though I was really busy with my mid semester exams for the last 2 weeks but somewhere within I was waiting for the mail.

Ultimately the mail came  yesterday giving the much awaited result 🙂

***To know about the Microsoft Student Partner program do follow the link :


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4 thoughts on “at last the mail came!

    • Ha ha ha… but I’ve just used the term the MSP people use… but let me tell you are neither boring nor old 😉

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