Just wanna be like them…

From the statistics of my blog posts I’ve found that many of the traffic are due to the search for the Vodafone Zoozoos. So I thought why not upload some Zoozoo wallpapers so that people get profited from their visits. At the same time  I would like to admit that like many others I’ve become a huge fan of the Zoozoos. Really they are celebrities in their own way (at least  they are far from the rape charges and  scandals!). The innocence of the zozoos is the real envious trait in them. It would have been really great if we can preserve the same innocence in us. But again not everyone is privileged like the zoozoos. So here is a picture collection of my newly found obsessions, the ZOOZOOs…

2917_73915614817_73855584817_1744880_1107481_n 2917_73915619817_73855584817_1744881_3563657_n

2917_73915624817_73855584817_1744882_2702296_n 4286_78862654817_73855584817_1821401_3615875_n

4286_79344954817_73855584817_1824273_726623_n 4286_79722384817_73855584817_1827763_4787009_n

4489_88863389817_73855584817_1962183_3843399_n 4705_90646874817_73855584817_1992762_2126430_n

4705_90646879817_73855584817_1992763_6098792_n 5136_92753904817_73855584817_2024612_5541373_n

Lastly a small wish on my part. Kaassh, I were a zoozoo…


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