A piece of paper

Today I was frantically searching for one of my music diaries. Although I was unable to find it out, I found a very interesting thing. While I was  searching for it, a diary came to my hand. It was one of my personal diaries of my college days. The year was 2003. Between the pages I could find various things… greeting cards, photos (of my friends), letters (from HER), … etc. After flipping through some pages I found a piece of paper, a small one with something written on it with blue ink. At first I couldn’t recognize the writing but afterwards discovered that it was written by me… It was written :

You are the Goddess of Victory,

You are the Goddess of Divinity,

You embody the power of destruction

You are the harbinger of prosperity

You save us from misery

You obtain our consciousness

Oh kind and tolerant one – the savior  of the Gods

We bow before thee.

Asthami, 4th. October 2003

Reading the paper many things flashed on my mind. I could remember the day. It was the 2003 Pujas.  On that day me along with my school friends went out for pandal hopping. In a famous puja pandal of South Calcutta (it was Badamtala Ashar Shangha) I saw the above lines written on an advertisement hoarding. The words really attracted me and I decided to save it for myself. Inspite of the jostling around I managed to get a pen and a piece of paper from a nearby stall and quickly noted down the lines. Though I got booed by my friends for my act. But as always, I enjoyed my madness 🙂 (that’s what I’m… a perfect mad… PAAGOL as SHE calls me!)

I don’t know how could I remember the evening so vividly… as if it was yesterday…


But the chit really brought back the memories afresh. Some moments that are not there… some moments which are lost… some moments that are treasured forever… but yes that madness is still with me! 😉


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2 thoughts on “A piece of paper

  1. Never loose your million dollar madness… rather re-kindle it, this helps you to define yourself as a stand-apart personality…

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