A little town called …


Does this picture incite anything in you of the good old days of your childhood ? If you are an Indian and born before the late 80’s then the answer is surely yes. This picture is from the TV serial Malgudi Days which was used to be aired on Doordarshan. At that time not much serials were  aired on the TV.  But among the very few which left a deep mark in my childhood, this serial comes first. I can remember how I waited eagerly to watch it. The half an hour long show was a treat to watch, because it used to help a six or seven year old imagine the lives of simple folks, living in a small, fictional town called Malgudi.

The serial was directed by the late Kannada actor and director, Shankar Nag in 1987, and was shot entirely near Agumbe in Shimoga District, Karnataka. The music was rendered by L. Vaidyanathan and was produced by T.S. Narasimhan of the Padam Rag Films.It included many of Late R.K. Narayan’s short stories and novels such as Swami and Friends and The Vendor of Sweets.

The sketches for the serial were done by Narayan’s brother and acclaimed cartoonist, R.K. Laxman.

This serial is made not only for a specific age group crowd. It’s made in that way like who ever watches it will feel like that even they are a part of Malgudi. The stories were very simple yet very captivating. The boredom and monotonic complexities of the present day mega serials were totally absent in it (the K-serials producers and their fellows need to learn from it…… really tired of all those B*** S**TS) . The characters in the stories were very down-to-earth Indians. They did have their problems and complexities yet their life was a treat to watch. These things  are evident from Narayan’s words :

Malgudi is a town "habited by timeless characters who could be living anywhere in the world"

Each story in the series appeals you in such a way that you will feel like to visit Malgudi once in your lifetime.

Specially the song of the serial `Ta na na tana na na na…’ composed by L. Vaidyanathan takes us back to those good old Malgudi Days…

My dear reader if you have watched this serial please do share your experiences of viewing this serial 🙂


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