WHeN the inNer VOiCe iS loud , ‘BUNKING IS ALLOWED’

Ya I’m really influenced by the tagline of that TV commercial (I think you have already guessed it)  😛 But I couldn’t find a better post header than this.

Ok no more GIBBERISH …. 🙂

The matter goes back to about two months back. By that time my 3rd Semester exams were just over. But unfortunately the university classes have already started (so inhuman!). Really I had neither the energy nor the intentions to plunge into my studies so quickly. I was looking for the scope to enjoy the post semester time.

The day was 27th. March 2009. I didn’t feel the urge to attend the university classes (which happens now and then). So I decided to bunk my classes and go with my friend  Madhurima Di to take photos across the city.

We started taking photos from Rabindra Sadan .









artisans curving out wooden torsos


After taking  a few pictures at Rabindra Sadan we headed towards the St. Paul’s Church which is located beside.












Untitled-2St. Paul’s Church 

DSC03022 not photoshoped (all credit goes to my camera)

Just as we are about to leave the St. Paul’s Church a good looking gal entered  the compound.

09in search of green

This snap was taken by Madhurima Di on my request from far as my camera didn’t have that zooming capacity which she had. Reaally a member of the GANG GREEN (trust me she looked beautiful from front as well). 

From there we started taking pictures on road…

10 This picture was taken by Madhurima Di. Really a good one 35 The lady tramp guised in the dress of a sadhu is carrying a doll. I really missed the moment but somehow I was able to take a close snap of her (though that was not as captivating as this one).

Just moving a few yards ahead a funny scene captured my eyes… DSC03077  and this time I didn’t lose the opportunity 🙂

DSC03084       DSC03091 

  I tried really hard but couldn’t zoom in any more… still the angel atop the Victoria Memorial can be seen at a distance (though very blurred) 😦










After wandering for a while in and around Esplanade and Park Street we decided that it’s time to take some food. Madhurima Di took me to a known restaurant of hers. There we took steamed momo ( I must admit that the momo was really lip smacking)DSC03164

After we had our lunch, I thought we will be starting again. But how could one resist a girl from shopping ? This reminded me that I was out with a girl… Madhurima Di  went on looking for Salwars, Scarves (and the list continues…).  

Sorry I have to keep out Madhurima Di from the picture on her request (tantrums of the beauties you know).

While she was busy I took some pictures of the area around.

DSC03133     DSC03140



The boy caught me taking his picture. In fact in the picture he is looking at me. But I really wanted to be in his shoes for that moment 51








After she finished her shopping we went to KOLKATA HAAT (a carnival which started a week back) . There we witnessed some good moments 🙂


At one place earthen faces of gods and earthen masks were being. Some guys were sitting there and giving an ADDA. Suddenly I saw one of them is putting on a mask. Just at the moment I was about to take his snap he removed it. But thankfully he was really supportive enough to put on the mask once more on my request.









But while I was engrossed in the moment and taking photos, Madhurima Di was taking photos of me … 45



DSC03142        DSC03162 

Around 5 p.m. we turned back for our homes… THe day’s experience was fun filled and joyous36But every good thing has its end… so the day also ended and what was left behind are the memories captured in these photographs… 105

But one thing for sure…  it was worth bunking the class 115


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