Election Time… Sukumar Ray revisited :)

I couldn’t  find a better time to write this post. Today is 13th. May, 2009 – the day on which the whole of Calcutta is going to cast it’s vote for the Lok Sabha polls42_002I’ve shot this picture on some pre-poll day at the institution from where I’m doing my Post Graduation. Though the picture explicitly show its political color but I’m not inclined towards that. I was just fascinated by the intellectual value of the picture. The political mockery has been dealt with a good sense of humor.  For the last 2 months I’ve witnessed enough of political mud slinging107(irrespective of FLAG COLOR) but this election banner has really attracted my eyes. It’s actually a sarcastic version of a poetry by Sukumar Ray named GOF CHURI.  Kudos to the creators of the banner 113


Click the image to view the larger version

PS : This post is not aimed at venting my political views and has nothing to do with my political beliefs and thoughts114This is just for humor and appreciating intellectual sarcasm 32


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