Missed Call

He is an old friend of mine. We became friends about 6 years ago in a tutorial centre where we studied Physics. Since then we are very good friends. But among all my friends this friend of mine is special in his own way. In the 3rd year of my graduation I was given a mobile by my elder brother. I gave my mobile no to my friend. Since then I receive a missed call every night from him. Be it the exam time, be it the festive time I’ve never stopped receiving a missed call  from my friend. As if the missed call says, “I’m always there Aritra”. Though we are still in contact with each other I’ve never said anything to him about the missed call. The missed call from him has become an integral part of my life like any other thing and I hope this will continue forever. Now that our career paths have diverged after the graduation the one thing that reminds me of our graduation days at the tutorial is the missed call. In fact the day when I will not receive the missed call, I think it will be a matter of concern for me.



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