Copy Cat Day

Today in the evening I got an sms from one of my friends saying,
” Copy-cat-day : Tell me 1 thing dat u want 2 copy from me in ur life style. Try sending it to others..To know wat special is in u. Reply is must. “

Obviously, I answered her saying what I liked in her. I don’t know what went through my mind I also forwarded the message to my friends. Some gave the reply where others thought it as a crap.
I’m mentioning some of the replies which I got….
Bigyan : Ur aptitude for graphical design. That is something I admire in u.
Navin : Wel it is the way u get into the topic u stdy…
Madhurima Di : Serious abt study n gud result 😉
Tirtho : Ur programin abililty…
Sreechhanda : Leaving ur anger, I want 2 follow u as a person as u r very good at heart nd worth admiring, a mere immitation won’t do buddy.
Kingshuk : Want 2 copy d tenacity of urs 2 go in2 d depth of thngs, nthng sprfcial is gud 4 u.

But unfortunately, the one person whose reply mattered the most, I couldn’t send the message to that person… Don’t know why.
So, if you want to know what people think about you you can forward the message… And my dear reader, if you know me personally you can post your reply in the comment section….

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