Imagine Cup 2009

I, along with two of my friends, Bigyan and Tanmoy, from the University have taken part in this year’s Imagine Cup organised by Microsoft. We are competing in the Software Development section.
We have already qualified for the 2nd round at the national level. Now the real competion starts.


The name of our project is “SHAKSHAR”. The word shakshar is a Bengali word meaning “literate”. It aims at the education of Rural India.
We intend to set up a virtual education system, which would encapsulate various fields of study that is otherwise required for a competent student to obtain a good exposure for greater opportunities. The Web-Based Learning System will provide this essential education through an interactive user interface that would increase their interest as compared to the conventional education system. It is an endeavour to uplift the present literacy rate so that every child discovers the worth of their potential. Considering the apathy for formal education that exists among various people of rural India, our effort would somehow try to eradicate this age-old concept.
This is the starting screen of the application. The picture has been designed by me.
The essential features of our project are :
To provide Web-Based learning packages for rural children of any age, through an interactive software system.
The Multi-Lingual e-Learning Package will include fundamental subjects and topics that would increase the social & scientific awareness. One who takes a course will be able to choose his/her set of subjects that are to be covered in a stipulated period of time.
Moral & Sex Education will be a part of every learning package; viz. people should encourage others to stringently eliminate acts like female foeticide, child marriage, and child labour.
Some of the existing schools in the area would stand as the coordinators; one of the schoolmasters will be holding an open-to-all visual learning program fortnightly. This would include topics on latest trend, social awareness, health habits and etc
The software includes an online evaluation strategy and certification for students who participate. We intend that the certification is to be issued by a governing body or institution on agreement.
In addition the system will enable farmers to retrieve information about markets & demands, fetch information about the climate and possible alternatives to increase their annual harvest. In regard to information about climatic changes, the system would provide processed form of data that would be obtained from MeT.
We are implementing the solution in the .NET platform
Now let’s hope for the best….

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